Green Isac Orchestra

Atmosfærisk og suggerende, endelig hjemme!

  • 18 år. Dørene åpner kl 19.00
  • 150,-
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Green Isac Orchestra har utgitt plater på Spotted Peccary siden 1990. På Victoria Scene spiller bandet for første gang i Norge og atpåtil slippkonsert for sitt nye album!

« Tribal rhythms, liquid soundscapes, distinct melodies. Definitely the best recordings so far from Norwegian instrumental quintet Green Isac Orchestra.»
– Erik Honoré -Artistic Director of the Punkt Festival, producer, musician & writer

« Green Isac’s musicianship is impeccable, the production is beautiful and crystal clear and each song opens up its own little universe of atmosphere, emotion and melody.» « I cannot recommend this album highly enough for lovers of progressive, adventurous music.»
– Jacob Holm-Lupo -Guitarist, composer, producer and owner of Thermo Records

«Green isac has been one of my favourite bands ever since their first release Strings & Pottery in 1990! The perfect epic dramaturgical journey in Green Isac´s etno tribal music, combinded with outstanding grass-mint-crisp melody lines, gently sweeps you away to new places and new set of emotions. Music outstanding and unique!»
– Anneli Drecker -Bel Canto

Musikk og videoer finner du på hjemmesiden:

Arrangør er Green Isac Orchestra, sesongkort gjelder likevel, kom kom!