Rumi festival 2017: The Faran Ensemble

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The Faran Ensemble was formed in 2009 by three musicians sharing similar musical vibes and values, who decided to embark together on a spiritual quest. Their journey, expressed in music and sound, reflects the beauty of nature, travelling through different sceneries, from the clean and quiet desert to luscious green hills, sometimes even passing through the hectic noise of the city.

Their instruments belong to the ancient traditions of the east, allowing the musicians to combine mystical sounds with modern influences. In their music, Mediterranean landscapes weave an enchanted soundscape, a magic carpet to take the listener on a voyage to faraway lands.

The ensemble’s name, Faran, refers to Wadi Faran, a dry desert riverbed which in winter fills with water and life and in summer is silent and pristine. The Faran crosses three countries, but ignores all artificial human borders.

From the 3rd – 5th of February we celebrate the Oslo International Rumi Festival 2017 at Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene.

This ninth edition of the Rumi Festival focuses on «home», and we welcome you to concerts, theatre performance and poetical reflections related to this theme. Making our home in two worlds as one, both the traditional and the contemporary. This year our guests will take us on a journey from deserts to a high-rise flat, each sharing with us their concept of home.