NMH Exam concerts 2017 #5

The improvised music and jazz program at the Norwegian Academy of Music is the hardest education program to get accepted to in the entire country, and now it’s graduation time and time for the students to show their cards! Genres and interests are as different as the musicians themselves, but you are guaranteed to experience something completely new and unexpected. We welcome you to a great lucky-dip experience!

With free entry, there are few barriers to experiencing high-quality experimentation, fine-tuned elegance, raw power and brilliance. No two concerts are alike, but there is a lot to make you happy! Come out and experience numerous debuts. We present 15 days of master and bachelor students from the improvised music / jazz program, music education students with jazz / pop / rock as their main-focus, compositional students working within the jazz field, as well as students from the live electronics program and musicians with individual concentration.