Joey DeFrancesco and The People

Smoking hot organ jazz

It quickly turned into a party last time, and we’re guaranteed to party again when the organ boss of all organ bosses returns to Victoria. Joey DeFrancesco began his career in his teens and was picked up early by Miles Davis to tour Europe. Inspired by the master, he began to play the trumpet and he also sings extremely well. But behind a B3 he is truely without peer. A colorful experience both in solo play and as a generous trio leader.

Jason Brown is an explosive drummer with a hard swing and typical New York-confidence! Guitarist Dan Wilson brings a background in gospel and interest in Brazilian music that shines brightly through. Since last time they visited, down-under saxophonist Troy Roberts has also come on board. Together they are The People!

This small, big band will surely knock you off your feet, it’s classic organ jazz served so fresh and rhythmic that it smokes!

Joey DeFrancesco – organ, trompet, Dan Wilson – guitar, Troy Roberts – saxophone, Jason Brown – drums