Uly Dala Trio

Virtuoso music from the Great Steppe

  • 18 år. Dørene åpner kl. 18.00
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A modern ethno-folk from Kazakhstan

Uly Dala (formerly Safari) is a young instrumental band performing music in the contemporary ethno-folk genre. The uniqueness of the ensemble is in the harmonious synthesis of styles. Combining the sounds of folk and classical instruments, musicians find new timbre colors. Performers gracefully combine Kazakh national instruments (dombyra, kobyz, sybyzgy, shankobyz,) with an acoustic guitar and pop vocals.

Uly Dala means Great Steppe. Multicolor, warm and velvet sound together with the mastery of virtuoso musicians create original, unique instrumental compositions. The group’s repertoire includes not only ethno-folklore pieces but also the adaptation of favorite tunes of popular songs from different countries.

The group: Almat Saizhan, Salamat Abutalipov, Janibek Saparov

Organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Norway

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