Intellectually challenging piano-trio that will transport you to a better place

Slovenian-born pianist and composer Kaja Draksler collaborates with two highly respected Berlin residents, bassist Petter Eldh and drummer Christian Lillinger, in a trio that started at the BIMHUIS October Meeting 2016. ‘Punkt’, a point of view and a musical statement in Swedish, ‘Vrt’ (garden in Slovenian), where the musical ideas are planted and cultivated, and ‘Plastik’ (German), as a sound vision, plasticity of musical shapes and structures. ‘Kaja Draksler, Petter Eldh, and Christian Lillinger prove that the piano trio lineup will always remain relevant. The pianist lays the foundation with her wonderfully dissonant lines’.

Kaja Draksler – piano, Petter Eldh – bass, Christian Lillinger – trommer