Framtida i norsk jazz 2017

The future of Norwegian jazz is now.

It is close to a hundred years ago that the first Norwegian jazz bands emerged. Since that time, Norwegian jazz has expanded long beyond its borders and into all genres and sub-genres. Tradational jazz, Free jazz, Jazzrock, Soul jazz – There is hardly a combination that hasn’t been explored here on our little hill. But what is the state of jazz really? Does it have future in front of it – or is it starting to smell a little off? Meet twenty-three young, forward-pointing musicians in four bands who play rough, beautiful, tough, raw, electric, acoustic, old and new jazz that’s far from being on the nose when Midtnorsk, Sørnorsk and Østnorsk jazz centre presents the tour Framrtida i norsk jazz 2017 (The future in Norwegian jazz 2017)!

You´ll meet:

Ensemble Eliassen is sophisticated club jazz that packs a little mountain-jazz in its pocket

Master Oogway mix rock guitar riffs and free elements  Facebook: @master oogway

I like to sleep is wide awake power jazz with Trondheim cool  Facebook: @iliketosleepband

Zenos Mode prove that hiphop + jazz = true!  Facebook: @zenosmode