Jagas Conexionskonsert snart i butikken!

Under finner du en livevideo fra Jaga Jazzist og Britten Sinfonias fantastiske konsert på Rockefeller ifjor i forbindelse med Conexions arrangert av oss! Dette blir en super plate!

adobe creative suite 6 master collection

I presseskrivet står det, og vi er enige: «It’s a psychedelic Bond soundtrack twisting and turning from the stage, propelling the listener forward on an epic emotional voyage. At times it seems to explode from the speakers in pure, exuberant colour, making you wonder if you’ve recently developed synesthesia. It moves with unrestrained ease from quiet reflection to cinematic, widescreen thunder, from Sound of Music pastoral joy to pulsing jazz chase sequences… and it makes you wonder why more of the music you hear isn’t quite so completely affecting.» Spennende! zp8497586rq