Brad Mehldau Trio – extra show!

Extra show!

Small and intimate venue reunites with superstar in this year’s most exclusive encounter.

There are several piano trios competing for the title of “world’s best”, but in our corner, we fly the flag for Brad Mehldau trio. Stars of this format usually play in much larger venues than intimate Victoria. We are therefore incredibly proud and happy that Brad Mehldau sees Victoria as an important stop on the tour, and we can once again offer the audience the year’s most exclusive jazz event!

Mehldau is a classically trained pianist, but quickly found himself in jazz and moving just as easily between rock-classics as standards and his own songs. With an almost obscenely good technique, combined with originality and unmatched musical communication within the trio, Brad Mehldau trio makes an experience well beyond the ordinary.

Brad Mehldau – piano, Larry Grenadier – bass, Jeff Ballard – drums