Helge Lien Trio – release!

Lyric trio with groovy humour

Norway is full of musicians with distinctive and powerful voices. Sometimes we need to experience them abroad to understand how blessed we are. Just the fact that Helge Lien Trio is filling houses as in Japan and releasing records on one of the world’s best jazz companies in Germany, points to their quality and strength. Speaking of Japan, it is here that Lien draws much of the inspiration for the trio’s latest disc, Guzuguzu. Maybe not so much in oriental melody as in Japanese onomatopoetic name for sensations and experiences in nature. The sound of a smile, nikoniko, distant thunder, gorogoro, noiseless rain, shitoshito.

Experiencing a concert with the band is like listening to three powerhouses heading in same direction. Solid compositions lie at the base, it is lyrical intensely groovy and also humorous, and with long stretches of improvised stream and inspired individual performances. The sound sets up a contrast where classic jazz tradition meets modernism and genre free thinking.

Helge Lien – piano, Frode Berg – bass, Per Oddvar Johansen – drums